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Alabama has many complex divorce laws that make the state different than many other U.S. states. In the first place, Alabama is not a community property state. Marital property is not automatically subject to a valuation and an equitable 50-50 split. Factors such as fault for the divorce, who brought the property into the marriage, commingled assets and financial security of the spouses may require litigation.

If you are considering filing for divorce in Baldwin County, Mobile County or Escambia County in southwest Alabama, make sure you have a lawyer who understands the law and processes and isn't afraid to stand up and fight for your rights and financial interests in front of a judge. Call Harold A. Koons, III, Attorney at Law, in Bay Minette at 251-202-3339.

Reasonable approach and reasonable fees
"Don't make the mistake of thinking you can handle your divorce by looking up legal information on the Internet. Alabama rules and laws are strict. Even if you don't think your divorce will have many tough disputes to overcome, call me for help. I will get you through this quickly and affordably." Attorney Trey Koons

Experience To Handle The Complex And Unusual Circumstances

Trey will work zealously to resolve your most challenging dispute regarding custody, visitation rights, alimony and division of property. In most cases, family law judges expect parties to reach settlements out of court. However, sitting down to negotiate an agreement without the backing of a strong trial record is a position of weakness, not strength. Trey brings a reputation for exceptional courtroom results to the table.

  • Inherited property
    • For property matters involving separate property, he will fight hard to make sure inherited property remains separate from "joint" marital property. That means that the inheritance you may have received from your mother will be protected from going to your ex-spouse.
  • Common law marriages
    • In cases of long-term domestic relationships splitting up, either party may petition the court to declare the relationship a common law marriage, giving parties the right to seek a fair distribution of property. Such cases can become emotional and get entangled with minor details of the law. Trey has more than 20 years of experience helping people protect their rights under these unusual circumstances.
  • Military divorce
    • As a retired judge adjutant general for the Army National Guard, Trey has an in-depth understanding of how military law affects divorces when a U.S. service member is one of the spouses. There are certain requirements that U.S. Defense Finance and Accounting Services (DFAS) expects to see in a divorce decree. Unless the components of the decree are clearly written and address their concerns, the military may not accept the final divorce judgment. If you are concerned about getting your military divorce done right (or if you are an attorney who does not have experience with the DFAS requirements) turn to Trey for help.

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"Legal problems and worry come hand-in-hand. Knowing you have an experienced advocate on your side is the first step in reducing the anxiety you may be facing right now. I will guide you through this as efficiently as possible and help you get your life back on track." -Attorney Harold A. Koons, III

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