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Facing divorce or other serious family law matter may be the most challenging time of your life. If you reside in southwest Alabama and have a family law matter in Baldwin County, Mobile County or Escambia County court, turn to attorney Harold A. Koons, III, Attorney at Law.

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Trey is an Alabama native and understands the values residents of the region hold in high regard. He has more than 20 years of experience guiding individuals and families through the complex processes that are often part of resolving a family law litigation matter.

"Family law requires hands-on experience and knowledge of how the process works in Alabama courts. It is not enough to be a good negotiator with the other attorney. A good lawyer is in court all the time, arguing on behalf of a client, submitting legal motions, challenging decisions and working with judges and family law officials." Attorney Trey Koons

Trey's experience includes (but is not limited to):

  • Divorce: Including contested divorce litigation and alternative dispute resolution for custody and parenting time, property division and alimony.
  • Military divorce: Attorney Koons is one of only a select number of attorneys in southwest Alabama with an in-depth knowledge of military divorce requirements. As a retired judge adjutant general for the Army National Guard, he has extensive experience with the military components of the law.
  • Paternity and child custody: Whether you are filing a paternity lawsuit to seek custody or support, or are fighting to disprove paternity of a child, paternity litigation matters are complicated and often require aggressive representation to protect your rights.
  • Parenting rights: If you are having problems getting your visitation rights with your children, there are legal options that can be put in place in as little as one day to help you enforce your parenting schedule.
  • Post-divorce modifications: If you can no longer meet the demands of your alimony or child support payment obligations, Trey can help you petition the court for a modification that meets everyone's needs. Don't try to set up an informal modification. You need the backing of the court.
  • Relocation petitions: If you are the custodial parent of a child and need to move out of the local community, the non custodial parent may try to block your move by petitioning the court. 

Call the firm at 251-202-3339 or use the convenient email contact form to request a return call or reply. Office hours in Bay Minette are generally between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. weekdays, and special arrangements can be made to meet during nonbusiness hours. Trey offers a free initial consultation and accepts major credit cards for your convenience.

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"Legal problems and worry come hand-in-hand. Knowing you have an experienced advocate on your side is the first step in reducing the anxiety you may be facing right now. I will guide you through this as efficiently as possible and help you get your life back on track." -Attorney Harold A. Koons, III

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